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Created in 2021, Access Focus is the first Algerian consultancy firm specialised in access to care, namely: pharmacoeconomic evaluation of health technologies, pricing, registration and reimbursement as well as public affairs.

The expertise developed by the founders of Access Focus is recognised nationally and internationally, as shown by the diversity of its clients (health authorities, pharmaceutical industry, associations, health care structures, learned societies and media).

Access Focus brings together a wide range of talents: doctors, pharmacists, health economists, public health specialists, analysts and biostatisticians.

The high level of performance of its consultants is based on their versatility, their technical skills, their complementary skills and their ethics.

The durability of the team illustrates its ability to master project management.

The quality of the services provided is based on the development of internal procedures and the integration of the tools necessary for carrying out all field studies.

Access Focus thus provides its partners with the resources and skills needed to provide essential answers to the many questions that arise today in the field of public health and health economics.

Access Focus

What we stand for

Access Focus provides companies with unique and strategic support for market access.

Present at every stage of the development and marketing of a pharmaceutical product, a biotechnology or a medical device, Access Focus benefits from an exceptional knowledge of the pharmaceutical sector and the related issues.

The professionalism of our teams is recognised by the largest national and international firms, which entrust us with decisive missions.

Access Focus

Our mission

MAPA is our core business:

Market access & Public Affairs (MAPA) functions are present in most pharmaceutical companies and in all business sectors.

Our goal is to assist the pharmaceutical industry to “improve patient care through access to innovation”.

In order to achieve our mission, market access and public affairs operations are essential organisational arrangements to ensure the success of partners.

Market access and public affairs

Collaboration inter-fonctionnelle et communication cohérente

The roles of the Public Affairs and Market Access functions are distinct but often integrated within companies as they require ongoing interaction.

When well aligned and harmonised, the Public Affairs function will support investment in the targeted disease area to improve its management through access to innovation.

Our areas of expertise in Public Affairs :

  1. Public affairs strategies and tactical plans
  2. Key stakeholder engagement
  3. Public & government relations
  4. Public health programmes and activities
  5. Public-private partnership platforms
  6. Public affairs advocacy.

The Market Access function aims to support access to the company’s portfolio on economically viable terms.

It also aims to optimise, maintain and expand market access while ensuring cross-functional integration with the following units: Public Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, Medical Affairs, Sales and Marketing.

Our areas of expertise in Market Access :

  1. Market Access strategies and tactical plans
  2. Pharmacoeconomic evaluation
  3. Innovative pricing strategies and contracts
  4. Medico-economic arguments
  5. Registration and reimbursement dossiers
  6. Real life data platform
Distinct and complementary roles

Market access

Develop a portfolio strategy and a medico-economic argument to support access to innovation at an optimal and economically viable price

Public affairs

Develop a business strategy and argument on unmet needs in the therapeutic area to support better quality of care and increase investment in comprehensive disease management

Distinct and complementary roles

We listen to you

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