Market Access

Market Access with Access Focus

What is Market Access?

Market Access consists of guaranteeing patient access to innovative medicines under economically and commercially viable conditions. Indeed, Market Access consists of engaging with payers, decision-makers and health systems to proactively submit therapeutic innovations based on medico-economic evidence and communicate them to funders in order to obtain and optimize market access at a price that reflects brand value.

Market Access with Access Focus

Why is market access important?

In an environment where healthcare budgets are under increasing pressure, the market access profession is becoming a key element, thus guaranteeing patient access to therapeutic innovations.

Multiple Stakeholders are involved in decisions related to Market Access for health technologies, with different information needs and each requiring a tailored and appropriate communication approach.

Through Market Access and Public Affairs strategies harmonized and synchronized, we succeed in communicating the medical-economic value of therapeutic innovations to key stakeholders, ensuring that patients have sustainable access to innovations offered by the pharmaceutical sector.

Optimal Market Access reflecting the medical-economic value of innovation is paramount to Access Focus and absolutely essential to the long-term success of our partners.< /p>

This is why we have defined the MAPA strategic initiatives below:

  • Strengthen capacities and skills in Access to Market.
  • Develop Public Affairs activities.
  • Support the development of local “real life data” platforms .
Market Access with Access Focus

Get the best access for your product

Access to the Market is the essential step in optimizing the Reimbursement and Price of products.

Introducing a new product or a new service on a market and making it accessible to as many people as possible of patients is a multidimensional adventure.

Market Access activities take place continuously, throughout the life cycle of the drug, and evolve within a technical-administrative framework of procedures and requirements of the authorities of health.

In order to build a solid Market Access strategy, following the market study and the definition of the medico-economic value, Access Focus is able to support each stage of the life of a a product:

● Assessment of market potential and definition of an innovative business model.

● Establishment of the product development strategy and consolidation of a long-term strategy within a product portfolio.

● Analysis of regulatory changes (new regulations, reimbursement, HTA2, pharmacoeconomics).

● Mapping and analysis of key players.< /p>

We evaluate the clinical, therapeutic and economic potential of a product, but also its positioning and its development possibilities on the market.

Market Access with Access Focus

Market Access Team

The Access Focus team is made up of a diversity of talents with previous experience within the pharmaceutical industry in pricing and reimbursement, regulatory, market research, pharmacovigilance, and clinical research functions. Versatility, complementarity and team spirit ensure mastery of the management of the following projects:

● Medico-economic evaluations.

● Development of economic models.

● Pricing & Reimbursement (products in development or marketed).

● Development of innovative collaborative models (public/private, insurer).

● Access to the hospital market.

● Development of medico-economic assessment files.

● Development of submission file (early access, reimbursement).

● Follow-up of files and support in interactions with the authorities skills.

● Identification and dissemination of key messages.

● Review of the literature and search for information to build arguments for promoting products.

● Long-term support.

● Training in pricing and reimbursement issues.

Strategic Pricing

What is Pricing?

The price and accessibility of medicines have become global issues in recent years and pharmaceutical companies remain under the spotlight for the high prices of proposed innovations.

However, the way in which the price, registration and reimbursement of medicines are determined varies greatly from country to country.

In some countries, price and reimbursement are the result of negotiations between the pharmaceutical manufacturer and the government; in other countries, negotiations involve insurance companies or intermediaries who purchase drugs on behalf of their clients.

There are also a few countries where governments make bulk purchases of medicines through tenders, to which several companies are invited to submit their best offer.

But what determines the price of a medicine?

This is the perceived (incremental) value of the medicine compared to existing treatments, adjusted with the willingness/ability to pay or reimburse.

A number of factors are taken into account when determining the price of drugs, primarily the medical need the product meets for clinicians and patients, how the clinical profile of the drug compares to other treatments for same condition, as well as the local economy and the pricing and reimbursement systems in the country.

The Access Focus team has generated tools and dashboards allowing companies to prepare and drive optimal business strategies.

Access Focus is also willing to develop pricing strategies for the company’s strategic products.

Price, Registration and Reimbursement

Access Focus accompanies you throughout the process of evaluating your medicine:

  • Pricing & reimbursement of an innovative product, re-evaluation and extension of indication.
  • Our ability to draft the most delicate cases and respond to the most complex challenges makes Access Focus the preferred partner of regulatory and economic departments.
  • Organize preliminary meetings with our experts to define the strategy,
  • Write the dossier,
  • Evaluate and review the dossier after submission to the health authorities,
  • Collect, if necessary, new expert recommendations.
It is in the most complex situations that Access Focus reveals the talent of its teams:
  • Ongoing exchanges on strategic coherence
  • Relevance of argument
  • Editorial qualities of substance and form</ span>
  • Strength of proposal and creativity
  • Convergence of Laboratory and Authority expectations

We listen to you

The Access Focus team is at your disposal to answer all your questions and queries. Do not hesitate to contact us.